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Real Estate – commercial and residential – is significantly less expensive than the northern part of our state, as well as our surrounding areas – even with our significantly improved infrastructure and resources.

Fuel costs in South Jersey are consistently less than our neighbors, as well. In fact, compare our “Full Service” prices to others’ “Self Serve” and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. For even just a small fleet of vehicles, it’s very noticeable and a significant savings.

With many open land locations close to adjacent roadways, connecting infrastructure is inexpensive, as well. If you’re looking for high-speed internet connectivity, this is also easily obtainable.

Moving raw materials in and finished products out can be accomplished for less, no matter if you ship by air, rail, road or sea.

We are zoned for growth. That means that much of the groundwork has already been laid, to allow you to establish a presence here in a shorter time than what you might encounter in other locales. The Industrial Commission stands ready to proactively assist and guide you.

Look around and you’ll begin to appreciate the substantial value of locating in Carneys Point Township