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About the Commission

Carneys Point Township Industrial Commission

Welcome! Whether you’re looking to start, expand or grow your business in an area with significant land, centralized transportation and other desirable assets – you’ve found a team you can work with in Carneys Point, New Jersey.

Located near Philadelphia and within 2 hours from New York or Washington, DC – we represent an attractive location to a variety of businesses and industries.

Carneys Point Township offers a unique combination of the largest amount of undeveloped land, interstate highways, rail, shipping and more – in New Jersey. Developer opportunities, numerous state and local tax incentives, plus attractive retail – all add to the overall package. We already have a significant infrastructure available – destined to grow even further.

The availability of attractive and affordable housing, a local college, nearby universities and industry-specific training encourage a ready-to-work employee base – with continuing education potential.

Working with members of our Industrial Commission will pleasantly surprise you with our level of cooperation; enthusiasm and  guidance to find the resources and connections you need to establish your presence in South Jersey.

We continue to embrace agriculture (it is the “Garden State, after all) and the pleasures of county living, while moving forward in a strongly envisioned plan of growth and opportunity.

We invite you to contact us and learn more about the resources available in South Jersey’s newly-discovered jewel – Carney’s Point Township.

Our Mission

The mission of the Carneys Point Township Industrial Commission is to promote and establish responsible, progressive and long-term economic sustainability in the Township of Carneys Point through the attraction of new business and industry and ensuring the retention of existing businesses and industries.

The Carneys Point Township Industrial Commission serves as a conduit between the commercial {and residential} interests of the citizens and businesses within the Township of Carneys Point and the Township Committee while being the catalyst for presenting the Township of Carneys Point as the preferred industrial, commercial, {and residential} choice in Salem County.